PERSONAL TRAINING: As fitness trainers, we will dedicate our full attention to provide you with a safe yet very effective workout routine.  You will never be bored or puushed to the point of injury.  Your workouts will be designed to fit you and your personal needs.  Every workout will be exhilarating and challenging but not overwhelming.

Exercise and training is meant to build strength, increase endurance, improve your overall physical health, and balance your mental fitness.  At NuAge Fitness, you get the right mix of training and instruction that will provide you with the results you want.

FITNESS CLASSES: NuAge Fitness has a wide variety of classes to fit all age groups and fitness levels.  We keep our class size small in order to provide a more personal atmosphere.  Please click on the link above to visit our MindBody software which will allow you to browse and pre-register for classes.

More Than Just A Gym